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Fossil 5K and Tyrannosaurus 10K

The Museum's annual Fossil 5K and Tyrannosaurus 10K charity runs will be held on June 9 at 6 pm at Kincaid Park!  See event info about the charity runs for information on sign ups, entry fees, bib pick-up, and more!

Whaling in the Museum

Museum volunteer and medical professional Dr. Cindy Schraer and her husband David have diligently, if not frustratingly, worked for months on a partial skeleton the museum received in boxes last Summer. Now complete and suspended beautifully in the museum, we’ll give you the story behind the scenes:


The play areas in the museum are Cloroxed and Lysoled daily, and Lysol wipes are available throughout the museum. Still worried? Hand sanitizer is also available.


Birthday party, Girl Scout meeting, Cub Scout event coming up? Consider holding your kid's event at the museum.

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