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A wide variety of classes & tours for students and other groups
Dinosaurs of Darkness

Hands-on exploration of Alaska’s dinosaur finds

• Bones, teeth, claws and eggs
• Skeletons and artists' reproductions

• Hadrosaurs
• Ceretopsians
• Large & small carnivores including Albertosaurs
  (Alaska’s variety of T. Rex)
• Raptors

• Marine reptiles and flying pterosaurs that lived in Alaska alongside the dinosaurs
• A replica of the pterosaur with a 32-foot wingspan that was found in Denali Park

Alaska Marine Life

• Full skeleton of Beluga whale found washed up in Cook Inlet
• Ancient whalebones and skulls
• Ecology of modern whales
• Modern marine fish and crabs

Birds of a Feather

Alaskan birds of today

• Sea birds and their rookery, owls, eagles, swans, loons, ducks and geese
• Ecology and yearly migrations
• The dinosaur-bird connection

Bare Bones

Comparisons of bones of numerous modern and ancient animals.

• Display of Luci and other early hominid skulls from Africa
• Wide variety of skulls representing animals from around the world, including a 2-headed one
• Comparisons of human to animal bones
• Touch table where exploring, drawing and connecting bones is encouraged

Ice Age Alaska

The Story of the last Ice Age in Alaska and the glaciers that remain

• Extinct Ice Age animals including mammoths, bison, American lions, saber tooth cats, short face bears, and giant beavers

• Transition mammals including musk ox, sheep, goats, fox, and bears

• Photographic and map comparisons of Anchorage when it was covered first by ice and then drowned by the ocean

Rocks & Minerals

Extensive collection of Alaskan and exotic rocks, minerals and fossils.

• Beautiful multi-colored minerals, meteorites, fluorescent rocks

• Fossils from the great prehistoric forests at Sutton including petrified trees, sequoia leaves, and palm fronds

Getting Here
By Road:

The museum is located at 201 N. Bragaw, just north of the Glenn Highway (6th Avenue as it leaves Anchorage). From either direction, take the Bragaw Street, and turn north onto Bragaw. Cross Mountain View Drive, and the museum and adjacent parking are located on the left side of the street.

By Bus:

Anchorage People Mover Public Bus Route 45 provides access from downtown Anchorage right to our door.


The museum offers free off-street parking, located adjacent to the building.

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