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Tinker Time

Tinker Time is where preschoolers learn through hands on play. Each week includes a craft, sensory experience, story time and more.

Tinker Time is a drop in program on Mondays from 10:00am-12:00pm. The cost is $5 per child with accompanying adult, $2 for each additional participating child.

Tinker Time Tips:

  • Story time takes place at 11:00am.
  • Please remember to have your child wear socks if they are going to play in the dinosaur dig area.  There are no shoes or bare feet allowed in the dig area.
  • You are welcome to bring snacks, but please remember to eat them in the kid’s area. Snacks and drinks are not allowed in the museum past this area.
  • Preschoolers and toddlers must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Please place one child on the baby mammoth at a time. Children should sit on the mammoth’s saddle only.


Spring Summer Schedule

June -August follows our Summer Activity Schedule:

2nd:  Carnivore Carnival-Ladybugs!-  Preschoolers will learn about everyone’s favorite carnivorous beetle.  They will explore the ladybug’s life cycle and how they help in the garden.
9th:  Aliens Among Us-Discover creatures who look like they should be from another world, but call Earth home.  Drop in, self-guided activity stations.
16th:  NanoScience-Experiment with the littlest science!  Even though we can’t see objects on the nano scale, we can experience their effects.  Drop in, self-guided activity stations.
23rd:  Unnatural Science- Bigfoot!   Cyclops!    Explore cryptozoology and discover the truth about the real animals that inspire mythical beasts.  Drop in, self-guided activity stations.
June 30th-July 12th:  Funtastic Physics-Physics takes place all around us.  Experiment and discover lots of fun physics phenomena.  Drop in, self-guided activity stations.
14th: Feathered Tails & Dino Scales-Discover special features of dinosaurs both past and present.  Drop in, self-guided activity stations.
21st: On The Wing-What does it take to fly?  Understand the forces at work when it comes to flying birds, planes and more.   Drop in, self-guided activity stations.
28th:  Detective Academy-Use science to gather and analyze evidence and solve a mystery at the Museum!  Drop in, self-guided activity stations.
4th:  Talons, Paws, & Claws-Explore how animals, prehistoric & present, use their tools to survive.  Drop in,