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The Museum is child friendly and hands on! 



Dive into the chilly world of ice. This newest museum exhibit shows how ancient ice has shaped your backyard and the Anchorage bowl. Many questions about ice can be answered such as, what can be found in ice cores? How does ice change over time? Why do glaciers look blue? And much more!


ice age

Ice Age

Surprisingly, Alaska was not completely covered in giant ice sheets during the last ice age. The Ice Age exhibit at the museum showcases the sturdy predators and prey that roamed Alaska’s grassy interior then and now. You will get a sense for the dangers the earliest Alaskans faced. This hands-on exhibit allows you to run your hands over ancient mammoth bones, and features touchable casts from the teeth of the dangerous predators lurking across the land.






polar dino
Polar Dinosaurs
Travel back in time to an Alaska where the top predators were the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex and the pack hunting Troodon. View skeletons and fossil finds of their prey and investigate the dinosaur bird connection by examining skeletons, eggs and feathers. Find out how these polar dinosaurs adapted to their unique Alaskan environment and experience the touch table which contains casts of many different dinosaur claws, teeth, spikes, horns and real dinosaur bones.





Schmidt Mine-Geology

Dig into our geology field camp exhibit which features spectacular specimens from Alaska’s largest rock and mineral collection. Get your hands on different types of rocks and learn how they are made. Featured elements of this exhibit include meteorites and fluorescing minerals.



On the Wing
The museum showcases its collection of birds in this engaging exhibit that takes the visitor from raptors, to sea birds and into the phenomena of bird migrations. This exhibit highlights the driving forces behind why and where birds migrate.








Alaska’s Animals

Alaska’s animals from the past to the present are sprinkled throughout the museum. Whether you are interested in Alaska’s marine mammals, furry predators or hoofed climbers you will find many excellent specimens in the museum.



cat skull

Explore and touch a variety of bones from a variety of animals. Compare and contrast the skulls from over 30 different animals.









Coming soon, Qagnax Cave, Mammoth's Doom! See the last mammoths alive In North America!