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Preschool Science Workshops & Outreach

Preschool Science Workshops/Outreach Flyer

The Museum is a great place for preschool groups!  With the Museum's hands-on workshops, touchable exhibits, dino dig, and kid's room, preschoolers have a great place to learn and play.

Workshop topics:

Alaskan Animals:  Preschoolers explore Alaska’s animals past and present and discover animal tools for the task.  The workshop concludes with a story and snack time* in the raptor area.
Have a Whale of a Time:  Can your preschoolers speak whale?  In this fun workshop preschoolers will hear and try to copy the sounds whales make, compare whales to other marine animals, experiment with how whales stay warm, and step into an inflatable life size humpback whale!  The workshop concludes with a story and snack time*.
Your Pet Dinosaur:  Everyone loves T-Rex, but would your preschoolers like him as a pet?  Preschoolers learn about the dinosaurs that lived in Alaska and what it would be like to care for them today.  The workshop concludes with a story and snack time* in the dinosaur area.
Self-Guided:  Explore the Museum and Kid’s Area at your own pace.  No minimum necessary, the cost is $3/child.  Please call ahead for availability.
Field Trip Information
Time: 1 1/2 hours, includes approximately 20 minutes of explore/ free choice time.
Cost:  $4/participating child regardless of age, chaperones up to a ratio of 1 adult per 3 children are free.  Beyond this ratio, adults are $3.00.  10 child minimum or $40.00.
Children must wear socks if playing in the dinosaur dig.  
No shoes or bare feet allowed. 
*Snack time is optional.  The Museum does not provide snacks.  
BOOK IT! Call 274-2400 or e-mail
It’s quick & simple, all you need is the following information:                     
  • Your name
  • Your school’s address & phone number
  • Program(s)
  • Program dates
  • Requested time


Let us come to you! This fun interactive program runs 45-60 minutes.
Alaska’s Dinosaurs:  Preschoolers learn about Alaska’s dinosaurs, play games, dress up and make dinosaur fossils.
Contact the Museum directly or e-mail
Each program allows for a maximum of 30 students.
Cost:  1st & 2nd presentations-$135, 3rd & 4th presentations-$100, additional presentations -$75
Maximum of 5 presentations per day, presentations must be in the same location and the same day.