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Science Days & Nights

Let us help your school or organization celebrate science!   We fill up to 14 folding tables or 7 double lunch tables with interactive, fun science activities.  Science Nights cost $325.00 for 1-1/2 hours.  Science Days are $1000.00 for the length of a school day.
Choose two of the following topics, and we will do the rest:
Astronomy -Discover the size of our solar system, what stars are made of, create your own constellation and more!   NEW!
Curious Chemistry-Experiment and learn about different colorful chemical reactions and properties of matter with fun hands on stations. NEW!
Dinosaur Fossils and Rocks-We bring the ancient past to you with real dinosaur bones, hands on activities including eggs, teeth, claws, stinky, squishy properties of rocks and more. 
Fun Physics-Explore changes of state, transfers of energy, forces you can’t see, and more hands on physics fun!
Nano-The littlest science.  Hands on exploration of the world you can’t see! Activities guaranteed to surprise!
It’s Shocking-Discover electricity’s “hair raising” properties through hands-on experiences including plasma globes, games, Tesla coils and more. 
Call 274-2400 or email                                                      
It’s quick & simple, all you need is the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your school’s address & phone number
  • Program(s)
  • Program dates
  • Requested time


Photo Credit: Gary Hodges, Sciencenter