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The Alaska Museum of Science & Nature offers a wide variety of science education programming for all ages.  Complement and reinforce your curriculum with a field trip or outreach program that offers hands-on learning in a dynamic, informal environment.

hands on dig area

School Age    

    2014-2015 Educator Guide


    Science Day/Night


     Tinker Time-Find out the latest Tinker Time Topics and tips.

     Preschool Science Workshops


Links and Resources

     Lots of great links to natural history resources on the web. Check it out.

     Activity Recipes


Dinosaurs of Alaska

Find more information about alaska's dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Dinosaurs of Alaska


Volcano Simulator

Learn why Alaskan volcanos like Mt. Redoubt generate explosive eruptions. This is your chance to be a super-scientist and create your very own volcano.